How would you defend the claim that Master Resiliency Training, (MRT) makes you mentally strong

CSM’s Blog Day 9

One of the keys to leadership is knowing yourself and your Soldiers’ strengths, it is the “Be” in the Be-Know-Do model. Develop your Soldiers to perform at maximum potential based on their strengths combined with skills aquired through training. When we put it like that it seems like a very simple process, no sweat anyone can do this. Really? How many of you have followed the link from last weeks blog to the VIA strength test for a clearer understanding of where your strengths lie? If you’re serious about the “Be” you may want to take a closer look. It can be surprising at first glance and revealing upon greater reflection. I am not here to be your conscience or guilt you into performing what may seem like a waste of time. It’s a tool for the kitbag, try it you just may learn a few things about yourself and those you lead.

As a leader with 23 years of service, I understand where your thinking may be. I understand that Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is the Army plan to ensure our Soldiers and families are better prepared for what lies ahead in today’s global climate. Skepticism comes to mind in some, ambivalence to others and mediocre enthusiasm in a few more when presented with a new program. I saw all of those reactions here. I also saw those feelings all but completely erased as we proceeded through the course in just the first couple of days. The topics today included; Building Character Strength by recognizing strength in self and others and using strengths in challenges; Building Strong Relationships through assertive communication and active constructive responding and praise.

As we rolled through the subjects with relative comfort we were posed a question that was surprisingly difficult to answer. “How would you defend the claim that Master Resiliency Training, (MRT) makes you mentally strong and your relationship strong? Be specific. Cite evidence.” Our small group of 29 went about solving the question very directly at first. “Show of hands, how many of those present think MRT can strengthen both.” 29/29 felt the answer was affirmative. A clear indication to me that all doubts and skepticism about the program are now removed. As we dug a little deeper for nuggets to strength, our argument we started noticing a little something. Sprinkled throughout every lesson were words like the ones in the first line of this paragraph. Not saying I am the brightest of the bright or the best of the best, but there seemed to be some trends… Hmmm what could they possibly be?? I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I know… you get the sarcasm. BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), it works. I look forward to seeing your names on the ATRRS roster. Come prepared to challenge old thoughts and preconceived ideas about what strength is and how to build it. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Wife, that’s what I call her, called. She works as a Pharmacist for a home health I.V. infusion pharmacy back in Amarillo. Stress is evident in some of her days as she manages things at work and  home without the benefit of having me there. We are partners in a relationship that spans back 28 years as friends and not quite 18 as husband and wife. Our marriage and our friendsip have value and strength and each of us have to draw on the strength of that relationship. Neither built overnight, both had to be nurtured and valued in order to endure. Strength is gained through continuous exercise, so it shall be with all relationships like those with our Soldiers and their families. Notice any trends?

P.S.S. link to VIA strengths test. If hyper link fails to work post in your browser window.  click on “Questionnaires” and select “VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire” (under “Engagement” heading). Complete quesitonnaire.


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